Who we are

Duplay Consultants is a multilingual ( English, Korean, French, German, Spanish) consulting company whose partners are Mr. Christophe Duplay and Mrs. Orie (Kim) Duplay. The object of the company is to provide consulting services to companies desiring to establish a foothold in Luxembourg or to support European projects in Korea.

Our Competences

The competences of the partners include a large experience spectrum in Energy Engineering, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Media, Real Estate Finance, and Art. What makes Duplay Consultants relevant to its customers is that we bring the kind of SUBSTANCE and DIVERSITY now sought for the establishment of companies and funds in Luxembourg, in compliance with the new governance and also the directives for fund administration ( eg AIFMD)

The team

Mr. Duplay holds an Engineering Master from the prestigious INSA in France ,and a Master in Business Administration from the university of Texas. Further, Mr. Duplay received a Real Estate Developer certification from Luxembourg. He is also an experienced Administrator of companies, trained by the Luxembourg Institute of Administrators (ILA) and participant to the emerging Alternative Investment Funds scene In Luxembourg.

Mrs Duplay, born KIM Myungsuk, is a fluent Korean speaker and a seasoned event organizer, a producer of art events, and a public relation expert , currently completing a 1 year assignment for Deloitte.

History & clients

The company was created in late 2013 to set up a legal framework to render services to its first customers, the Korean steel companies SAMWHA, and KISWIRE with operations in Europe and Luxembourg in particular. Duplay Consultants also provided independent advice to the Luxembourg Finance Minister regarding the processes of the Luxembourg finance regulator CSSF, and advised several clients in the field of space communication, (Olympus in Cyprus), alternative energy ( the offshore wind farm company Windreich). It is currently helping to set up a TV Format investment fund. Mrs Duplay has organized several art/ musical/ballet events in the past , and is organizing the exhibition of the famous German Photographer and Artist Peter Klasen in Seoul in June 2015.